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We are so pretty when we are faking

You can call me crazy, but I think you're as lazy as white paint on the wall

28 August
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:::::Sing it loud to drown out the feeling:::::

Marriage is love.

A friend in needs a friend indeed,
A friend with weed is better,
A friend with breasts and all the rest,
A friend who's dressed in leather,

A friend in needs a friend indeed,
A friend who'll tease is better ,
Our thoughts compressed,
Which makes us blessed,
And makes for stormy weather,

A friend in needs a friend indeed,
My Japanese is better,
And when she's pressed she will undress,
And then she's boxing clever,

A friend in needs a friend indeed,
A friend who bleeds is better,
My friend confessed she passed the test,
And we will never sever,

Voting Democrat is Smart, Political Love

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Harold and Maude is Love

Scarlett Johansson is Love.

Rasputina is Love.

General: Female. Artist. Passionate. Intuitive. Honest. Intelligent. Opinionated. Quiet. Loud. Calm. Psyco. Dorky. Inhibited. Discontent. Caring. Hopeful.

Likes: Music. Art. Art museums. Seattle. Cello and piano music. Unicorns. Scarlett Johansson. Dressing up. Fashion. Skepticism. Thrift stores. Lucky brand jeans. Scarves. The "L" Word. Mac cosmetics. Lucky strikes. Sunscreen. Heavy rain. Trampolines. Gymanstics. Sea turtles and porcupines. Collages. Candles. Insence. Dragons.

Dislikes: People who can't drive and/or don't use their blinkers. Drunk drivers. Close minded people. Uniformity. Spiders. Deep water. Brussel sprouts. People that have everything handed to them on silver platters. Mustard. Action movies. Anything with more than four legs. Science classes.

Movies: Lost in Translation. Prozac Nation. Amelie. American Beauty. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Ghost World. A Love Song for Bobby Long. Cruel Intentions. Fight Club. The Shawshank Redemption. SLC Punk. Match Point. The Corpse Bride. Edward Scissorhands. Party Monster. Harold and Maude. Gia. Alice in Wonderland. Girl Interrupted. Also, anything with Scarlett Johansson.

Books: White Oleander. Candy. The Color Purple. The Poisonwood Bible. How the Light Gets In. The Man Without a Country. The Fuck Up. The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The Gospel According to Gracie. Girl Interrupted. Harry Potter. Smack. Go Ask Alice. Transister Radio. The Torn Skirt. The Lovely Bones.

Music: Placebo. Rasputina. The Beatles. The Cardigans. Laura Veirs. Led Zeppelin. The Smiths. Fiona Apple. The Bled. The Unicorns. Tori Amos. Pink Floyd. Lovedrug. Silverchair. Gemma Hayes. Himsa. Mindless Self Indulgence.

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will you lend yourself to beauty that will horrify?